Finale took place 15th May 2012

WINNERS : HARROW TEAM !!!!! Congratulation to this very strong team and to ther librarian Karen Astill.

"It has been five consecutive years that teen-age students from Beijing's international schools gather several times in a year to fight. Violent fight? No. These students fight in a game called B.O.B, Battle Of the Books. It isn't just an event organized in Beijing. Actually, this concept is seventy years old and comes from the United States of America. A librarian from a participating school introduced the game to Hong-Kong, and from there, to Beijing.
On the 15th of May was the final BOB battle 2011-2012, the one that would be de-cisive as to who gets the Trophy Award. At the LFIP, hosting the event, there were 4 different schools represented : Dulwich Col-lege, Beijing City International School , the British Harrow School and The Lycée Fran-çais International de Pékin. Harrow School having made two teams for one school, the final was disputed between five teams....." Read full article :
by Xavier a LFIP student

SELECTION 2011-2012

First pages and book summaries

Battle 1 OCTOBER Monday 17 10am-12h30 BCIS

Ender’s game de Scott Card, Orson.

The mysterious Benedict society. de Stewart, Trenton Lee.

Kira-Kira de Kadohata, Cynthia.

Trash. deMulligan, Andy.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian de Alexie , Sherman.

Out of Shadows de Wallace, Jason

Battle 2: JANUARY,Tuesday 31 10am-12h30am HARROW

Rabbit Proof Fence Pilkington deGarimara, Doris.

Fairest deGail Carson-Levine.

Revolution deDonnelly, Jennifer.

Okay for Nowde Schmidt, Gary D.

Girl in Translation de Kwok, Jean.

The Pearl. de Steinbeck, John

Battle 3 MARCH,Wedesnday 21 10am-12h30am DULWICH

Huckleberry Finn de Twain, Mark

Heart of a Samurai de Preus, Margi.

Miracle’s boys de Woodson, Jacqueline.

Love that dog de Creech, Sharon.

Jasper Jones. de Silvey, Craig.

Cloud Tea MonkeysdePeet, Mal.

Final: MAY,Thursday 17 Lycee français Sanlitun 10am-12h30am

Set to Sea. de Weing, Drew.

Masters of Disaster de Paulsen, Gary.


The dates for BoB 2011-2012 are:

  1. Battle #1: Monday 17th October. BCIS
  2. Battle #2: Tuesday 31st January HARROW
  3. Battle #3: Wednesday 21st March DULWICH
  4. Final Battle: Thursday 17th May in the Lycee

Below you can access a document stating the dates, books for each battle and who will be writing the questions for each battle. Please contact Dominique to write the questions of any of the books or if you would like to host a battle.